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Professional Sanitizing Services You Can Trust

When it comes to your workplace, you want to rest easy knowing you’re working in a clean, virus-free environment. Offices, schools, churches, nursing homes, daycare centers, grocery stores and retail stores are all susceptible to transmitting germs to the people who pass through the building and touch contaminated surfaces, which is why we offer sanitizing and disinfecting services.

Why is it so important to sanitize your workspace? For some viruses, cleaning a space just isn’t enough. In fact, in a particular case study of a norovirus outbreak in a childcare facility, several swabs tested positive for the virus on spaces that had already been cleaned—not sanitized—including carpet that already had been vacuumed and shampooed. 

Sometimes “cleaning” just isn’t enough. The only way to ensure a space is safer from germs is by hiring professional cleaners to disinfect it. Sanitizing matters. It’s our mission to help you stop the spread of illness in your workspace, and the only way to do that is with commercial disinfectants applied by a well-trained staff.

High-Powered Disinfectant to Sanitize Your Commercial Space

Sanitizing means more than just scrubbing down your space—which we can also do. It requires the right products and tools to ensure proper disinfection, especially in spaces where someone has been ill or on surfaces that are frequently touched by many people.

How do we sanitize your space? Our team uses a commercial disinfectant called 64 Millenium Q. 64 Millenium Q is a non-acid restroom disinfectant cleaner. It’s perfect for hard, non-porous surfaces and is ideal for use in restrooms, shower and bath areas, hospitals, dental offices, healthcare facilities, schools and colleges, daycare facilities, and nurseries. 

Our disinfection services include the use of 64 Millenium Q to kill all kinds of unwanted germs that can lead to illness: 

  • Viruses (including the SARS coronavirus and H1N1)
  • Bacteria
  • Mildew
  • Fungus

Our team uses a concentrate of 64 Millenium Q in a fine mist spray bottle. We spray all high-touch surfaces as well as any surfaces your employees or guests may come in contact with so you can rest easy knowing there’s no chance of illness spreading from those surfaces. We spray the 64 Millenium Q on these high-touch surfaces, and after 10 minutes, the surfaces are completely sanitized. 

What are the most germ-laden surfaces in your office? Here’s a list of places you may not want to touch until after our team has handled them:

  • Desk surfaces
  • Office phones
  • Office chairs
  • Computer keyboards
  • Elevator buttons and door handles
  • The photocopier
  • The breakroom coffee pot
  • The breakroom sink, fridge and microwave
  • The water cooler

Other areas that we are sure to sanitize include the bathroom and changing tables, where germs can spread to others even after they’ve been cleaned if they haven’t been properly disinfected.

When you use our sanitizing services, we pay exceptional attention to detail in the cleaning of your space and these high-touch surfaces because we know that the health and safety of your commercial workspace matters.

Happy Employees Cleaning Can Handle It

At Happy Employees Cleaning, our goal has always been to provide you with a disinfected and sanitized space. 

We know that you need a coronavirus cleaning service to keep your commercial space healthy, productive and safer for your employees and clientele. Why not hire a team of qualified professionals who already have been focused on high-powered disinfecting and cleaning for years?

Don’t search around for COVID-19 cleaning services and switch from company to company looking for a team that can adequately tackle sanitizing your space with the hope that things will be “clean enough.” Happy Employees Cleaning always has been focused on giving you a clean, sanitary space. 

Right now a clean, sanitary business environment isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity to keep you and your employees safe and healthy. We offer all kinds of services not only to disinfect your space but also to ensure it creates the right impression for clients and customers. Plus, we can help you transition from your current cleaning service in 12 minutes or less, guaranteed.

Are you ready to experience the difference it makes when you hire Happy Employees? Contact us today to sanitize your office space, and learn more about what we can do to care for your commercial building.
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Frequently Asked Questions about our process

  • Do you have plenty of PPE and recommended disinfectant on hand to ensure your employees can work safely to protect themselves and your clients?  
    - Yes!
  • Are you providing additional training that includes how to properly put on and take off PPE so they don’t re-contaminate surfaces or contaminate themselves when putting on or taking off? 
    - Yes!
  • Do you use equipment like electrostatic sprayers or foggers to provide additional disinfecting besides hand wiping?   
    - We are using Battery Powered Pump Sprayer & Fine Mist Sprayers
  • Are you setting up stations with additional disinfectant in spray bottles that your clients can use to disinfect their work areas? 
    - We sell and provide our clients with a Multi-Clean Viral Disinfection Deluxe Kit