Office Cleaning Services

Your office is your home away from home. It’s the place where you do your best work, you formulate your best ideas and you spend a lot of time.

This is why your office space or the office building that you own needs to be clean and welcoming. It’s not only where you spend most of your time, but it’s the first impression for guests or clients—and you want it to be a good one. 

With Happy Employees office cleaning services, your office area or building not only will be spotless, but it also will be germ free and odor free. It will be so clean you might not want to touch anything (but don’t worry about that, we’re good at keeping up our end of the bargain and maintaining every space).

What We Offer

Our professionals that deliver our commercial office cleaning services are professional but, most importantly, they are trustworthy. 

No need to stand over us or watch us as we clean. We deliver what we promise: a professional office cleaning service that always meets your approval. 

Some of the janitorial services we offer include: 

  • Emptying trash cans and replacing liners.
  • Dusting throughout the building or area.
  • Straightening up cluttered areas.
  • Maintaining the break room so everyone feels comfortable in a high-traffic area.
  • Stocking supplies.
  • Sweeping and mopping the floors.
  • Vacuuming all carpets.
office cleaning services

High-Powered Cleaning and Disinfecting

Offices are frequented areas, from waiting areas to desk chairs to doorknobs. We not only understand this, but we want to keep you and your employees safe from germs and other contaminants. This is why you can trust the cleaning and disinfecting power of Happy Employees. 

Our professional office cleaning services use the best products meant not only to clean surfaces but get rid of nasty illnesses or germs that can be stuck in nooks and crannies. We think of every area so you don’t have to, disinfecting your office building to help protect you from viruses, bacteria, mildew and fungus. 

Think about it. All of the areas in your office that are cesspools of germs, like: 

  • Desk surfaces.
  • Chairs.
  • Phones.
  • Keyboards.
  • Buttons.
  • Door handles.
  • Everything in the breakroom.
  • Light switches.
  • Everything in the bathroom.

And these are just a few areas. So many things are touched every day and expose you and your employees to nasty germs.

We’re Not Like Other Companies

The bottom line: We stand out from other office cleaning companies in many ways:

  1. We love what we do. We pride ourselves in hard work and dedication. We love making things clean, which is why we do our jobs so well. You’ll never have to worry about a job half done or staff that doesn’t accommodate any of your needs. 
  2. We use a process. Our process always starts with you in mind. We’ll sit down with you and identify your needs and wants and then create a plan to achieve those goals. We believe in open, honest communication to ensure the best results for everyone. 
  3. We guarantee your happiness. If you’re not 100-percent happy with the results, we’ll fix it no matter what. Don’t be afraid to speak out when something isn’t the way you want it to be. This is your office building, after all! 

Reach Out Today

Support a local business today, and contact us on our website. We can’t wait to meet you and help your office space become sparkling and germ free. 

office cleaning services