Medical Cleaning Service

You work hard to care for your patients and keep them and your staff healthy. Does your commercial cleaning service clean with the same level of care? Do they understand how important it is for you to maintain a clean, healthy environment? 

Happy Employees Cleaning takes a methodical, professional approach to medical cleaning services. We work diligently to provide you with a medical cleaning service that leaves your facility sterile and safe at every visit.

Your medical facility needs to be more than just a welcoming environment. It also needs to be free from bacteria and viruses that can cause infection or illness. Happy Employees Cleaning has a lengthy protocol to care for your medical center so that you can trust you can treat patients in a healthy and sanitized environment.

Custom-Tailored Medical Cleaning Service

Your medical office needs special attention, which is why our team doesn’t just complete the same stock checklist other medical cleaning companies might use when they clean a medical facility, office or other commercial service. Whatever your specialization, your office has unique needs, and at Happy Employees Cleaning, we adhere to those needs down to the smallest detail.

We know that your dental practice has very different needs from a dermatologist’s office or a hospital. This is why we create such an in-depth customized plan for each client, to meet your specific needs whether it’s for a dental office cleaning or a cleaning session at an optometrist’s office.

Our cleaning teams are fully trained to handle personalized, full-service cleanings in all kinds of medical facilities. We can serve any kind of medical facility, including dental offices, clinics and medical centers. 

medical cleaning service

Medically Compliant Cleanings

We work hard to create a clean, welcoming environment for your patients. Happy Employees Cleaning team members go through extensive training to learn how to properly clean a healthcare facility and everything a medical office cleaning service should know. This includes:

  • Hospital-grade cleaning procedures to prevent infection.
  • Bloodborne pathogens training.
  • HIPAA regulations.
  • Proper understanding of biohazards.
  • Thorough sanitation to avoid cross contamination.

Cleaning a medical facility takes more than just ensuring that things appear clean. Our methods are centered around supporting the work you do to keep your patients and staff healthy. We work to control and prevent the spread of infection, reduce your risks as a healthcare professional, and ensure your facility looks its very best. 

We know that lives are on the line, which is why we work carefully at every cleaning, working with careful attention to detail, following every precaution to exceed your expectations and needs. 

The Professional Sanitizing Services You Need

Happy Employees Cleaning knows that you need your medical office to be more than just “clean enough.” After all, in a medical facility—cleanliness isn’t just about how your office looks. It’s also about hygiene and safety for patients and staff alike. This is why we offer thorough disinfecting services to keep your practice fully sanitized.

Sanitizing is more than just scrubbing a space; it requires the right products and proper application to ensure total disinfection, especially in spaces where someone has been ill or in a medical center that requires a sterile environment.

High-Powered Sanitizing Products

At Happy Employees Cleaning, we use a safe, high-powered disinfectant called 64 Millennium Q. This product is a non-acid disinfectant cleaner and is ideal for use in healthcare facilities. This cleaner is certified for use in dental offices and hospitals and is even so safe it can be used in daycares and nurseries. 

Sanitizing Your Clinic During the Pandemic

Our sanitizing procedures are designed to keep your practice safe. We understand that even amidst the COVID-19 crisis, your patients need to be treated—It’s essential for your patients’ health and your business. This is why we work hard to sanitize your space with careful precision and with a powerful sanitizer. 

64 Millennium Q kills all kinds of germs that lead to unwanted viruses, including H1N1 and the SARS coronavirus as well as other bacteria, fungus and mildew. While we can’t guarantee that it effectively kills all COVID-19 viruses, we carefully sanitize all high-touch surfaces and areas that may have been exposed to potential viruses to keep your office safe.

If you’re seeking a medical cleaning service to work closely with you to develop the best cleaning plan for your facility, look no further than Happy Employees Cleaning. We’re here to provide you with thorough services to care for your practice. Want to learn more? Contact us today, or schedule a consultation