Janitorial Service

How many times have you hired a janitorial company only to have to fire them a few days later? Have you had to let go of a professional janitorial company because they acted not so professionally or didn’t know how to correctly do the job they were asked? 

Happy Employees’ janitorial services, located in North Dakota, are not like many other commercial cleaning services around the nation. We pride ourselves on not only delivering our services but going above and beyond the call of duty to get your facility as sparkling clean as possible. 

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One-of-A-Kind Professional Janitorial Services

At Happy Employees, we offer extensive janitorial cleaning services, including: 

  • Handling Waste: Nobody likes coming back to an office that smells of day-old garbage. We go through and clear out all trash receptacles and get rid of that smelly waste. We’ll also clean out the garbage cans if needed so germs and grime aren’t building up in the bottom of the trash can. 
  • Sanitizing High-Touch Areas: From doorknobs to light switches, germs sit on just about every surface you can think of. We use safe, non-toxic cleaners that get the job done and get rid of almost all germs on any of your surfaces. We get every nook and cranny so you can rest easier knowing that any germs from the day before are gone in the morning. 
  • Cleaning all floor types: Every building is different. From carpet to hardwood to stone floor, your facility could use any type of flooring to make it look its best. We care for each type and not only clean your floor but take care of it so it lasts for you. No dirty footprints or mud tracks here.
  • Deep Cleaning Bathrooms: Bathrooms are cesspools for germs and dirt. That’s why we clean every bathroom top to bottom while also restocking all of the necessities such as toilet paper, paper towels and soap. 
  • Dusting all areas: Dust can show up after just one day of stuff sitting around. We dust every area of your building, including desks, shelves and walls to make sure no pesky dust mites are lurking around. This not only will help the environment of the building but is helpful to the immune system as well.

One Hundred Percent Happiness Guarantee

Not only do we love our job, but we also want you to love our work as well. That is why we have a 100-percent happiness guarantee as part of our process with every one of our customers. 

What does that mean for you? It means you don’t get the short end of the stick no matter if we do janitorial cleaning for you once or multiple times. 

You’ll love the work we do for you or we come in and fix it to make it work the way you want. After all, nobody knows your business or your clients like you do, so it would only make sense that you always have the last say on how things are cleaned and taken care of. 

Not only that, but if you’re switching from another cleaning company to us, we’ll handle the transition process so you don’t have to. We guarantee that in 12 minutes, we’ll have canceled all contracts and set everything up so we can come in and get the job done. No extra cost to you. 

Janitorial Service You Can Trust

If your business is looking for the best janitorial service located in North Dakota, contact Happy Employees Commercial Cleaning Services today

We’ll process your request and sit down with you to make sure that our services are perfect for your needs. 

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