Industrial Cleaning Service

It’s no surprise that with the number of employees and amount of product coming in and out, industrial spaces and warehouses harbor a lot of bacteria and germs, dirt, and debris. 

All of this can amount to an unsafe, unpleasant workspace, which can negatively affect employee productivity if they have to navigate hazards to get work done—unless you have the right cleaning team on your side.

At Happy Employees Cleaning, we know that your industrial facility, manufacturing plant or distribution center needs to comply with safety regulations, and it should look great too. We believe that health and safety are a crucial part of your facility’s daily operations and that cleanliness is a huge factor in keeping your operations running. 

Our employees are trained carefully to clean your warehouse facility with the utmost attention to detail. They come armed with high-grade cleaning agents and state-of-the-art equipment to provide exceptional results every time. 

No matter the size or layout of your space, our team is equipped to handle the mess.

industrial cleaning service

Custom Warehouse Cleaning Service for Your Facility

No two industrial facilities are the same, which is why we work closely with you to develop a cleaning plan to best meet the needs of your facility. Your individualized industrial cleaning plan is catered to your building’s specific needs.

Not every cleaning company can handle the intricacies and scale of caring for industrial facilities. Our cleaners know the best services, products, and practices to handle different kinds of dirt, residue, and grime that are only found in industrial spaces with efficiency and professionalism.

Your manufacturing plant or warehouse cleaning service shouldn’t care for your facility the same way they would clean an office, gym or medical center. We build a plan that’s centered around your industry and use the tools and techniques necessary to handle industrial-strength grime. 

We don’t use a predetermined checklist to clean your space; we create a custom cleaning plan to ensure your building is scrubbed and spotless.

A Clean Space Is a Safe Space

Eighty-five percent of all worker’s compensation claims are caused by employees slipping on slick floors. Of these, 22 percent of all slip and fall incidents result in an employee missing at least 31 days of work.  

Floors that are dusty or dirty can be slippery and dangerous—and they can affect employee well being and your bottom line. 

At Happy Employees Cleaning, we know the importance of warehouse floor cleaning and the difference it can make in workplace safety. Our industrial cleaning services are OSHA compliant, and our cleaning teams always work with your safety in mind. 

Combat Bacteria and Infection With Disinfecting Services

No matter the conditions, the spread of germs is never good for your employees or beneficial for your business. Bacteria, viruses and mildew can spread quickly through an industrial facility causing illness. When these germs begin to spread, a disinfecting service can mitigate the spread of bacteria.

Our disinfecting teams use a powerful sanitizing product called 64 Millennium Q. This product is a disinfectant cleaner designed for hard, non-porous surfaces, and it’s perfect for use in all kinds of facilities, including hospitals and medical centers, schools, daycare facilities, and your warehouse. 

64 Millennium Q is used to kill all kinds of unwanted germs, including:

  • Viruses (like the H1N1 virus and the SARS coronavirus).
  • Bacteria.
  • Mildew.
  • Fungus.

Industrial Cleaning Service in North Dakota 

We understand that much of the work that is done in distribution centers, warehouses and manufacturing plants is essential to our daily lives. In some industrial settings, physical distancing can be a challenge, which increases the risk of the spread of infection. 

In many industrial spaces, work can’t stop because of a pandemic, which means it’s necessary to prevent the spread of infection with professional sanitizing services

Our team thoroughly sprays a fine mist of 64 Millennium Q, being sure to reach any surfaces that may have been exposed to the virus, leaving nothing to chance. While we can’t guarantee that it effectively kills all the COVID-19 virus, after 10 minutes of contact with this powerful disinfectant, the surfaces are sanitized to the best of our ability. 

You deserve to work with a cleaning team that loves what they do. You’ll notice the difference right away in the appearance of your facility. 

Is it time to make the switch to a cleaning service led by empowered, passionate, happy workers? Learn more about our 12-minute transition guarantee, or contact us today to see what it’s like to work with Happy Employees.

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