Commercial Cleaning Service in Moorhead,MN

Anyone who has visited Moorhead, Minn., knows that the best thing about the city is the feeling it gives to every visitor and person who lives there. 

With high-quality education, a booming agricultural economy, and the amenities of a large city but the feeling of a small town, visiting or living in Moorhead is a unique experience for everyone.

That’s why you have such pride in your Moorhead business. You want to be able to showcase how exciting and lively the area you work in is, and you want others to see that when they walk in your store. 

This means that making a good first impression is incredibly important. And the professionals at Happy Employees Cleaning can help you do just that. 

Moorhead commercial cleaning service

A Comprehensive Moorhead Commercial Cleaning Service

Your commercial property is one of the most important things to you. It’s also where you spend a large portion of your time. 

Those are two of the main things that the professionals at Happy Employees Cleaning understand and keep in mind while we clean your space. 

Our services are completely custom, meaning you get to choose exactly what does and doesn’t go into your cleaning plan for your business. There is no lack of communication when it comes to the Moorhead commercial cleaning services of Happy Employees. 

Our janitorial services are perfect for a daily or weekly cleaning of your commercial property and include:

  • Cleaning entryways: We sweep and dust the entire entryway, straighten up objects, clean glass and do whatever else it takes to make sure you make the best impression on a customer when they walk through the door. 
  • Empty waste: Leftover trash can create an odor in your space that’s not only unwelcoming but genuinely unhealthy and gross. 
  • Dust surfaces: You wouldn’t believe how easy it is for dust to settle on surfaces and objects. Our daily commercial cleaning service can take care of that. 
  • Sanitize restrooms and touchpoints: Our disinfection services, especially our restroom disinfecting services, are of high quality and meticulous detail. No wall, floor, object or surface is left dirty when we clean your space. 
  • And much more.

When completing all of these cleaning tasks, we use only high-quality solutions and equipment to clean your space. You won’t have to worry about the use of harsh chemicals that will put yourself, your employees or your clients at risk. 

From our industrial cleaning service plans to our dental office cleaning service, we work with you and care for you throughout the entire cleaning process. 

A Trusted Moorhead Commercial Cleaning Service

As a business owner, you shouldn’t be hiring an office cleaning company or another Moorhead commercial cleaning company only to have to fire them or babysit their entire cleaning process. 

When you work with a commercial cleaning company, you should be focused on only one thing: your business. You should have complete trust in the company you’re working with to come in and clean and sanitize your space the way you want. 

When you choose to hire the Moorhead commercial cleaning services of Happy Employees, you get: 

  • A rate that makes sense for your business.
  • A customized cleaning plan that always can be updated.
  • Open lines of communication about the cleaning process.
  • Professionals trained and certified in cleaning procedures, guidelines and rules.
  • A commercial cleaning company that actually cares about each of its employers.

When we clean, we are meticulous about everything. Some would call us crazy, but we call ourselves dedicated to the job. 

We’ll even handle the transition process in 12 minutes if we’re replacing your old, incompetent commercial cleaning service. This includes terminating the old company, returning their equipment and making sure they no longer have access to your space. 

We are so dedicated to our job and assured of your happiness with the cleaning, that if you aren’t happy at the end of the job, you won’t pay us any money until you are. There’s nothing to lose when working with Happy Employees. 

No. 1 Moorhead Commercial Cleaning Service

It’s no question that owning a business in Moorhead, Minn., is great. But making the best first impression on every customer who comes through your doors is even better. 

From our professional disinfecting services to our meticulous janitorial services, you’re 100% guaranteed to be happy with working with Happy Employees or your money back. 

It’s time to take back your money and your time and hire a Moorhead commercial cleaning company that can handle the job and is worth the money. Reach out for a quote today!