Commercial Cleaning Service in Dilworth, MN

Dilworth may not be a huge city with sparkling lights and giant arenas, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own unique small-town charm. As one of the core cities in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area, visitors still regularly stop in and see what Dilworth has to offer. 

On top of that, Dilworth still has its local community that’s thriving, which includes businesses like yours that help represent your community. 

With so much pride in how your business helps the look of Dilworth, have you considered if your business is in need of some R and R? Do you have dirty and streaky windows? Dust bunnies floating behind furniture and chairs that have been forgotten?  

The Dilworth commercial cleaning service of Happy Employees Cleaning can help your business come back to life and shine in the Dilworth community.

Dilworth commercial cleaning service

A Comprehensive Dilworth Commercial Cleaning Service

Keeping your commercial property clean and sanitary is helpful not only for your customers but also for you and your employees. No one wants to work in a dirty space that is always covered in dirt and smells or has dust bunnies everywhere.  

Our comprehensive commercial cleaning services are one of a kind. We can provide these services in whatever time frame works best for you, whether that be through the week or on the weekend.  

We also have the ability to set a cleaning plan up for you that’s completely customizable, giving you the ability to have us at your commercial property as frequently as you need.  

Our cleaning services include: 

  • Dusting: Dust can wreak havoc on people’s immune systems, no matter how little of it there is. Dust accumulates fast on surfaces, which is why even after you wipe things down, you can turn around and there will be a layer of dust. Our cleaning services cover the dust in the air while our dusting wipes down every surface and reaches every nook and cranny, even those you haven’t thought about in a while. 
  • Floorcare: Whether you have carpet, stone floor, hardwood or a mix of types, we use only high-quality solutions to take care of your floor. Other Dilworth commercial cleaning companies may be able to clean floors, but here at Happy Employees Cleaning, we clean floors and make them last. 
  • Supply Stocking: As a business owner, you don’t have time to follow up behind a cleaning company and restock everything. As part of our janitorial services, we do all of that for you, even restocking the coffee in the employee break area. 
  • Waiting Area Cleaning: If you need an office cleaning company that knows the importance of a clean waiting room, you’ve got your top choice. At Happy Employees Cleaning, we clean every room in your business, especially the waiting room and entryways. 
  • Deep Cleaning Restrooms: Our restroom disinfecting services are one of the most popular things our clients want. We sanitize and disinfect every inch of the bathroom to make sure it’s safe to use the next day. 
  • Disinfection and Sanitization: Our professional disinfecting services use high-quality, EPA-approved cleaning solutions to get rid of almost any kind of germ, bacteria or virus lurking on surfaces. With so many high-touch points, you can never be too safe when it comes to making sure your space is sanitized and cleaned. 

A Dilworth Commercial Cleaning Service You Can Trust

If you’re tired of hiring and firing commercial cleaning companies, it’s time to work with Happy Employees Cleaning you can trust. 

As a locally owned business, we take our job seriously and have the one goal of keeping your premises 100% clean and sanitary every time we’re there. We use cutting-edge technology and solutions to make sure everything is always up to par and meets any regulations and rules your industry might have for your business. 

We have a 100% happiness guarantee, so if you don’t like our services, you keep your money. On top of that, we offer free transition services—we’ll terminate your old cleaning company and handle all of your paperwork for you. (We know you have more important things to do!)

From our dental office cleaning service to our industrial cleaning service, Happy Employees Cleaning has you covered and clean every day. 

No.1 Dilworth Commercial Cleaning Service

Living and working in Dilworth affords you the opportunity as a business owner to make lasting connections that will keep your business successful for years to come. 

To make those connections, however, you need to make a good first impression, and Happy Employees Cleaning can help you do that. 

With our comprehensive commercial cleaning service, we can be your one-stop shop when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting your business. Reach out today on our website to talk about everything we can offer your business.