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When and How to Fire Your Commercial Cleaning Company

janitorial commercial cleaning

Is your commercial cleaning service everything you want it to be? When hiring a commercial cleaning company, you expect the best service possible. Unfortunately, far too many companies fail to live up to the promises they make when you sign your contract. No service is perfect, but when do you know that it’s time to fire […]

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Why Commercial Office Cleaning Is So Essential in 2020

commercial office cleaning

When 2020 began, no one expected that there would be a run on hand sanitizer, toilet paper and powerful cleaning supplies just a few short months later. As we start to slowly leave our homes, reopen businesses and reenter the workplace, there’s never been a better time to work with a commercial office cleaning service. Why? You […]

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What Every Building Manager Must Know About the Coronavirus

covid 19 cleaning services

With cases of the coronavirus known as COVID-19 increasing throughout the world, it has become more critical than ever to ensure everyone does their part to “flatten the curve” and prevent the spread of this potentially fatal virus.  As a building manager, you can do your part too.  Under normal circumstances, it is your responsibility […]

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