Red Flags From Your Commercial Restroom Cleaning Services

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Dirty Restrooms are no Joke, Especially Right Now

Commercial restroom cleaning is exactly what it sounds like, a dirty job. That is why we have professionals who know how to effectively and efficiently clean, so that all you have to experience is a well cleaned restroom. Clean restrooms are important to creating a positive, welcoming atmosphere to both your staff and customers. And with a global pandemic changing how critically we view clean environments, restroom cleaning and restroom disinfection has never been more on people’s minds.

But what does solid restroom cleaning and restroom disinfection look like? There is a great deal more that goes into a clean restroom that a superficial once-over. A restroom shouldn’t just look clean, it should smell fresh and be cleaned for health so that even the dangers you can’t see are attended to. So what red flags should you be on the lookout for when evaluating restroom cleaning services?

The Red Flags of the Restroom Cleaning Service Industry

Restroom cleaning is one of those things that is easy to convince yourself is a simple task. In actuality, however, there is more that goes into correctly cleaning a restroom than you might imagine. For a fortunate few, their janitorial service provider has made it look simple, but all too often cleaning companies ignore important aspects on restroom cleaning and only focus on the appearance of cleanliness.

On closer inspection, you might find that your restroom has a noticeable odor when you walk into it, the trash hasn’t been emptied, and the consumable items like soap and paper towels are running low. These cleaning details aren’t the only things that are important either. Cleaning for health is critical, especially in the age of Covid. The restroom is the perfect breeding ground for disease causing bacteria and other pathogens that will get you, your customers, and your staff sick. Here are a couple of red flags that your restroom cleaning service isn’t cutting it:

  • Mirrors are spotted and smudgy

  • Restroom floors look dusty and grimy

  • Consumable items like soap and paper towels are out of stock

  • Trash cans overflow

  • The restroom has a noticeable odor

  • Frequently touched surfaces like door handles don’t look clean

  • The sink is caked with dirt and dried soap has pooled under the soap dispensers

  • The floor drains are dusty, dirty or littered with debris

  • Proper maintenance hasn’t been done on any of the fixtures leaving some of them damaged and unusable

  • The dividers have dirt or graffiti on them

  • Hard water build up is evident around the tap of the sink

Restroom Cleaners at Their Best

One of the most difficult aspects of finding effective restroom cleaning services is many people have never seen one. A professional restroom cleaning service takes advantage of careful sanitation and cleaning for health practices prioritizing not just cleanliness, but health and safety. Now getting a restroom, especially a high traffic restroom, perfectly clean simply isn’t possible. But a professional cleaning service can help make sure that the restroom always looks its best and can help minimize the amount of bacterial build-up on commonly used surfaces.

Ensuring that the restroom is as clean and healthy a place as it can be will help reduce illness and in turn, improve employee productivity and engagement. Clean and well maintained surroundings can help minimize absenteeism and even improve customer perception. Consider what it takes to keep your restrooms looking their best. Is your current restroom cleaning service doing what it takes?

  • Do they regularly restock supplies like soap, paper towels and, most importantly, toilet paper?

  • Do trash cans get emptied well before they are full?

  • Are the restroom dividers free of dirt and graffiti?

  • Do they pay close attention to hot spots and touch points to effectively combat bacterial and viral build-up?

  • Are mirrors clean and free of water spots and streaks?

  • Are fixtures like hand towel, soap dispensers, and sanitary napkin disposal regularly serviced so that they are in proper working order?

  • Does your company clean hard to reach areas like the backs of toilets and along the baseboard to ensure the highest quality service?

  • Are toilet seats and urinals properly disinfected and dried?

  • Are industry best practices followed? This includes using proper dwell times, agitation and extraction to ensure a clean surface, proper chemical usage, deep cleaning of fixtures including toilets, urinals and mirrors, color coded mops and towels to keep restroom rags in the restroom?

  • Do they clean urinal and toilet handles regularly and are the urinal cakes and screens replaced frequently?

  • Is the grout paid special attention to so that its porous surface is properly cleaned?

  • Are air vents and filters changed and serviced to help improve odor and air quality?

  • Do you have scheduled deep cleanings in between normal service to help extend the life of expensive assets?

  • Are the baseboards, ceiling and other difficult to reach areas regularly cleaned?

  • When you walk into the restroom, is there a noticeable odor or does it smell clean and fresh?

  • Is your cleaning service using up-to-date equipment for cleaning?

  • Does all the lighting work as intended?

  • Are visual inspections and regular check ups part of your cleaning staff’s routine?

  • Is cleaning equipment regularly serviced and repaired?

  • Does your cleaning team keep a well organized, stocked and tidy janitorial supply closet?

It Might be Time to Switch Restroom Sanitation Services

If you janitorial cleaning service has red flags adding up left and right, it might be time to make the switch. Having properly cleaned and disinfected restrooms can make a huge difference in your customer and staff perception of your business. Of course, finding the right commercial cleaning service for your building isn’t the easiest thing in the world. But knowing what you are looking for is half the battle. Take advantage of our lists of do and do-nots to help find a janitorial services provider that is going to take care of your restroom, not abuse it. Don’t settle for low quality restroom cleaning, make the switch and better the health and appearance of your building.