When and How to Fire Your Commercial Cleaning Company

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Is your commercial cleaning service everything you want it to be? When hiring a commercial cleaning company, you expect the best service possible. Unfortunately, far too many companies fail to live up to the promises they make when you sign your contract.

No service is perfect, but when do you know that it’s time to fire your commercial cleaning provider and start exploring other local janitorial companies? Don’t hesitate to make a change if your commercial cleaning provider isn’t meeting your needs.

If you see any of these red flags, it’s time to break up with your current janitorial commercial cleaning company and upgrade to a more reliable providers.

They Have Personnel Issues

The quality of commercial cleaning you receive begins with the people providing it. Does your janitorial commercial cleaning company send responsible cleaning experts to your facility or building?

Their staff should be trained in all aspects of commercial cleaning and behave professionally at all times. The company also should perform thorough background checks on all employees.

If you notice that a janitorial commercial cleaning contractor is performing subpar work or has high turnover, do a little digging into their employee hiring and retention practices. Ask them about background checks, employee training and employee incentives. Then dump it if it becomes clear that it isn’t using sound hiring practices or investing in its employees.

A company that doesn’t treat its employees well isn’t able to treat its clients well either.

They Don’t Provide Customized Service

No two commercial properties are the same. If your commercial cleaning partner takes a one-size fits-all approach to cleaning, it isn’t serving you well.

The best janitorial companies work with you to create a custom cleaning program that meets all of your needs and preferences. They clean according to your schedule and budget.

If your commercial cleaning service only offers a few generic cleaning plans and fails to accommodate your unique needs, it’s time to ditch it.

Communication Is Lacking

Do you know how to contact your commercial cleaning company when you have an issue? Nothing is more frustrating than an unresponsive business when you need its service the most.

Commercial cleaning services go much smoother when you know how to communicate with your provider. When a janitorial commercial cleaning company is difficult to communicate with or ignores your attempts to contact it, it isn’t worth doing business with. It’s also a red flag if it does not have an established protocol for handling complaints.

If you find yourself playing phone tag during a cleaning emergency or you cannot get a satisfactory resolution to a problem, that’s a sign you should look elsewhere for better commercial cleaning services.

They Don’t Have the Right Equipment or Methods

Cleaning is cleaning, right? Not so fast. There are specific methods for effective commercial cleaning, and your building won’t get clean and can even suffer damage if your cleaning provider doesn’t have the right tools.

Unsatisfactory cleaning is often a result of outdated equipment or techniques. The best janitorial companies use the latest methods and technology to perform impeccable cleaning. You deserve the best, so don’t hang on to a commercial cleaning company that doesn’t invest in state-of-the-art equipment or doesn’t keep up with modern cleaning methods for its clients’ benefit.

Safety Isn’t a Priority

As a business owner or manager, you are responsible for keeping employees and guests safe. Your commercial cleaning company should help you prevent accidents by following safe cleaning practices.

There are many ways janitorial commercial cleaning companies should maintain a safe environment as they work. For instance, they should put out warning signs when floors are wet, comply with OSHA regulations and avoid using toxic cleaning chemicals.

If your commercial cleaning company creates a dangerous situation while working, don’t welcome it back on your property!

They Aren’t Giving You the Results You Need

When hiring a commercial cleaning company, you need it to help you create a healthy, attractive environment where your customers and employees want to be. The best commercial cleaning companies consistently achieve the level of sanitation and aesthetic you desire. They help you reduce the transmission of illness and maintain a professional atmosphere worthy of your brand.

You might have a bad commercial cleaning company if you frequently find issues with the quality of work it provides. Reputable janitorial companies don’t leave any dirt, trash or germs behind. If you aren’t seeing the kind of cleanliness you have requested 100 percent of the time, you aren’t getting what you paid for.

Don’t waste any more money on shoddy cleaning. Explore other local janitorial companies that know what they’re doing and can give you the results you want.

You Deserve Reliable Commercial Cleaning

Hiring a commercial cleaning company shouldn’t feel like taking a shot in the dark. You deserve the quality service every janitorial commercial cleaning provider promises but few actually provide. Break out of the cycle of hiring and firing bad commercial cleaning services and work with a company that keeps its promises.

Happy Employees Cleaning believes that your commercial cleaning company should make your job easier, not harder. Save time and stress by working with us. Our passionate cleaning experts love helping businesses look their best with custom cleaning. We use cutting-edge cleaning equipment and methods to give you the results you want.

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